My life and Human Design experiment…

The New Paradigm

 In Human Design we talk about the New Paradigm that begins in 2027 and what’s going on in the world right now is setting us up for it. We’re finishing up a 400 year era that’s been about building the tribe, building communities, institutions and creating ‘likeness’ meaning bringing people that are alike together toContinue reading “The New Paradigm”

40 Somethings, before you blow up your life do this one thing…

My forty something friends out there, I have a question for you… Why do you think you have to navigate your forty something roller coaster (growth opportunity, midlife crisis, life explosion, whatever you want to call it) alone? There is this huge misconception that because we live in a time where we are surrounded byContinue reading “40 Somethings, before you blow up your life do this one thing…”

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