This is the number one thing that holds high achievers back…

Today I find myself being called to stand up and own my experience and ability as a leading behavioural coach and F*** I feel as ready as I did last weekend abseiling for the first time in 26 years, BUT I’m going to employ the exact same strategy here as I did on top ofContinue reading “This is the number one thing that holds high achievers back…”

40 Somethings, before you blow up your life do this one thing…

My forty something friends out there, I have a question for you… Why do you think you have to navigate your forty something roller coaster (growth opportunity, midlife crisis, life explosion, whatever you want to call it) alone? There is this huge misconception that because we live in a time where we are surrounded byContinue reading “40 Somethings, before you blow up your life do this one thing…”

Find Yourself At Forty Something

Did you know that there is a growth phase around 40? I know right…why does no one talk about this? At forty you’re transitioning into a new version of yourself, you’re going through a rebirth and that’s exciting OR TERRIFYING. I bet you’ve heard of the midlife crisis well it’s the same thing except ourContinue reading “Find Yourself At Forty Something”

Judgement and Disconnection…

Why are there so many unhappy, disillusioned, stressed out and grumpy people out there today? Why is stress the number one health issue in the corporate sector today even though everyone is talking about meditation, eating well and exercise? Why is it so hard to motivate and inspire great teams and leadership right now? TheContinue reading “Judgement and Disconnection…”

Building a Better Team Starts With You!!

Building better teams is all about empowering people to be better versions of themselves, to take responsibility for their results and giving them the opportunity to experience what they are really capable of. If you have children you’ll know that you can tell them what to do until you’re blue in the face but theyContinue reading “Building a Better Team Starts With You!!”