Who or What are you resisting?

I’m doing a mediation series at the moment on acceptance and I’m totally loving it so I wanted to share it with you!

Working with your Human Design is all about acceptance, accepting who you are, what’s true for you, your purpose here on earth and how you’re designed to BE at your Soul level, and ultimately acceptance is letting go of your resistance.

You resist who you are every day, and in every moment for some, because you learned as a young child that your natural energy just isn’t good enough to receive love and acceptance from those you love so you changed who your were and learn to resist your truth.

When you begin on the journey of finding yourself you become aware of what you are resisting, the excuses, the beliefs, the stories that you thought were true, they are all you resisting your truth.

Although this awareness of your resistance is a brilliant place to start it is not enough to get where you are going, to your truth that it, and to fully live in alignment with your truth you must choose to discover what you are resisting AND take actions to let go of your resistance.

This is the challenging part because, this resistance and these habits have been keeping you safe all these years from things like rejection, being unloveable or not being good enough, you learned very young to resist your natural energy, to resist yourself because it kept you safe, or at least that’s what you believed all those years ago.

Good to know but how do you change it?

Well I’d love to share this simple meditation method I’m doing at the moment that will help you get clear on what you’re resisting, I’m doing it on my mediation app Headspace but you can do it on your own if you like.

Take 10-20 minutes to sit quietly, somewhere you’ll be uninterrupted and close your eyes, become present by noticing the sounds around you, how the chair feels and the temperature of the the day. Check in with your body and then rest your attention on your breath, you want to be in your body, feeling your breath and ideally out of your mind as much as you can by returning your attention to the breath every time you notice you’re back in your head.

After a few minutes you’ll settle in and then ask yourself this questions “Who or What are YOU resisting?” make sure to ask it in the second person as this sets up your mind to answer more clearly.

Then do nothing but allow the answers to come up, do not try to fix what comes up just yet, you can journal on it all after your meditation, just notice.

After your meditation then get everything down in your journal, you’ll see that there will be some obvious answers and some surprises. Then ask yourself “what’s the purpose of resisting in this way?” and “Is it serving me?” and finally “Am I ready to let go of resisting in this way?” if yes great, if no ask yourself “What do I need to let go of this resistance?” and give yourself what you need.

This simple process will help you let go of your resistance opening up more time for your truth, something we all deserve more of!!

Big love, Mxx

Published by Emma Dunwoody

2018 is the year of ME - rediscovering who I am and a life of adventure

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